Lee "Apollo" Adama

Leland Joseph Adama, commonly known as Lee Adama or by his callsign, "Apollo", is a former Colonial Fleet Reserve officer who becomes the Caprican delegate to the Quorum of Twelve, then later the interim President of the Twelve Colonies of Kobol. He is the sole surviving son of William Adama.

Lee Adama's relationship with his father had always been strained, culminating with a fracture after the death of his younger brother, Zak, two years before the Fall of the Twelve Colonies. Various attempts at reconciliation occur over the following years, but even these produce conflict as Lee attempts step outside his father's shadow.

DID YOU KNOW:  Actor Jamie Bamber, who is British, plays Lee Adama with an American accent.

After the Fall, he is appointed Galactica CAG. He is later promoted to executive officer, then commander of Pegasus. After Pegasus's destruction, he resumes being Galactica CAG until he resigns from the Colonial Fleet to aid in Romo Lampkin's defense of Gaius Baltar.

During the post-Fall events, he has romantic relationships with Kara Thrace, Shevon, andAnastasia Dualla, the latter whom he marries months after the discovery of New Caprica. His defense of Baltar, coupled with previous marital issues surrounding Thrace, contribute to his eventual, final split from Dualla.