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Be very afraid of this first freaky trailer for Channel Zero: No-End House

Presented by: Jeff Spry

SYFY's Channel Zero: Candle Cove scared the bejesus out of a whole lot of folks last fall with its offbeat brand of alternative horror and nightmarish puppets, and the next season of the anthology series is stepping into a whole new nightmare with Channel Zero: No-End House.

Based on the internet's Creepypasta scary stories, Channel Zero's plan is to roll out a terrifying series of shows each based on one of these urban legend fan fictions. We've already been alarmed with several unsettling No-End House teasers and now comes the official trailer that conveys a potent sensation of delirious dread.

Have a peek into the notorious abode where your memories eat you alive!



Season 2 will be based on the Creepypasta story, The No-End House, by Brian Russell, centered around a legendary shape-shifting haunted house and its insane architecture of six paranormal rooms. Amy Forsyth stars as Margot Sleator, a young woman who explores the confines of the supernatural residence and its labyrinth of horrors. American Horror Story: Freak Show's John Carroll Lynch (Twisty) co-stars, with director Steven Piet (Uncle John) steering this terrifying tour for all six episodes.

The original short story revolves around a cash-poor college grad who steps inside the No-End House on a dare to make his way through nine paranormal rooms and discover the house's exit and claim the $500 prize.

Reminiscent of Stephen King's 1408 and The Shining, or Mark Danielewski's trippy haunted house novel, House of Leaves, SYFY's Channel Zero: No-End House brings its bizarre exploratory tale into the relatively safe comforts of your home.



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