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Good News: Channel Zero Renewed for Season 3 & 4

Presented by: Toccara Castleman

We come bearing good news: the creepypasta inspired Channel Zero anthology ain't going nowhere! Syfy and Universal Cable Productions (UCP) will be teaming up with Channel Zero executive producer Nick Antosca to scare the crap out of you for two more seasons.

You can expect Season 2 of Channel Zero: No End House later this year and because we know you'll be jonesin' for more horror, Seasons 3 and 4 are now on deck for your viewing pleasure.

"Channel Zero certainly hit a nerve with Candle Cove," said Chris McCumber, President, USA and Syfy. "We look forward to creeping everyone out again this fall with No End House – and can't wait to see what nightmares Nick has in store for the future."

We're excited, too, Chris!

Get your first look at next season below, and don't forget to tune into No-End House 7.30pm Saturdays.