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Hidden Stranger Things 2 clip finds the gang running into a familiar mask.

Presented by: Don Kaye

Surprise! That Stranger Things mobile game that came out this week had a hidden clip from Season 2 nestled inside it.

Reddit user icecreamboy201 found out that if you play the 8-bit mobile game and win, it unlocks a secret clip from the upcoming second season in which we see the boys going trick-or-treating dressed as the Ghostbusters. That's geek culture reference Number One. This is Number Two:



Yes, that's right, the clip shows the gang running headlong into a terrifying confrontation with Michael Myers!...or least a girl wearing the same William Shatner mask made famous by the serial killer star of the Halloween franchise. She does get one over on the guys, though.

It's a cool little clip (other teasers can be found here and here) that will hopefully continue to whet everyone's appetites for Season 2 of Stranger Things, which debuts on Netflix on October 27.

(via Bloody Disgusting)


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