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How One Dad Rocked the Universal Open Rocket League

Imagine you’re competing in a tournament to win $100,000USD and your team mate pulls out at the last minute. This was the reality for Josh “JumpOnStuff” Russo after learning that his teammate, who he had been training with, couldn’t make it to the East Regional finals of the Universal Open Rocket League.

His replacement? Russo’s own father, who had never played Rocket League before. Despite losing the match 4 – 1, papa Russo won over the hearts of the Rocket League fans and players after he scored a lone goal late in the game.

“It was one of the best father son experiences I ever had,” Dad said. “I’ve done a lot of pretty crazy things in my life and this is definitely one of them.”



Grand final coverage of Universal Open Rocket League starts Sunday August 27 on Syfy.