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Producer Craig Engler on 4 ways Z Nation rules over The Walking Dead

Presented by: Carol Pinchefsky

The Walking Dead has been at the top of the zombie food chain for nearly seven seasons, with its dread-fueled, head-smashing, stomach-turning action. It has great acting and I-didn’t-see-that-coming plot contortions that are more twisted than a zombie’s leaky intestines. 

But it has its flaws. And here’s the thing: I think Z Nation, the other zombie TV show currently airing, has a better grasp of reality than the current reigning zombie king of television.

Because I’m writing for Blastr, whose parent company owns the Syfy Channel, where Z Nation airs, you might consider my opinion biased. So I’ve decided to up the ante and include an even more biased opinion: the co-creator, writer and co-executive producer of Z Nation, Craig Engler. 

Here are four things he -- and I -- believe Z Nation (beats TWD over the head with a bat) does better than The Walking Dead.

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