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The Definitive Ranking Of Buffy The Vampire Slayer's 'Big Bads'

As the 20th anniversary year of the greatest TV show of all time, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, kicks on, we here at SyFy Australia continue to celebrate all things Scoobie Gang with season two of Joss Whedon's esteemed 90's genre show currently airing weekdays at 6.30pm.

Arguably when the horror-comedy-drama hybrid truly came into its own, season 2 of Buffy also brought to screens one of the series greatest (and sexiest, lets be honest) villains, in the form of Buffy bae turned maniacal killer Angelus.

One might even say Angelus, and his pyschotic sidekicks Spike and Dru, are the best Big Bads of the entire series, however that person would of course be incorrect, and thus deserving of your scorn and/or ridicule.

Look it's been done before, this whole ranking of Buffy baddies from best to worst, but not by yours truly, the one and only Buffy fan who can finally, without a shade of doubt, definitively break this down for you. LET'S DO THIS!

7. Adam



Boring ass, Frankenstein wannabe, floppy disk-drive using Robo-Cop imitating, personality-less garbage can.

Git outta here you emotionless sack of ZZZZzzzzzzs. 

6. The Trio/Dark Willow



There are endless internet arguments still aflame today about who the REAL Big Bad of the controversial "magic-equals-drugs" sixth season of Buffy is, with many pointing to the season long arc of the comically inept nerd trio of Warren, Andrew and Jonathan constituting the main villains, ahead of Buffy's bestie gone evil Dark Willow, who admittedly is only a baddie for three episodes.

Regardless of who you consider the true arch nemesis of season six, this Big Bad comes in second last due to the fact that I honestly feel Whedon missed the mark with his attempt of presenting the infantile man-children of The Trio as an example of toxic male power that should be disposed of.

By giving the nerds, who are, let's not forget, legitimate rapists, a comedic lense and WAY too much sympathy, the season doesnt end up landing the punches against the patriarchy I think it was attempting. Also Season Six was just super depressing across the board for a show at its best with mixed shades of dark and light.

5. The First/Caleb



What started as a legitimately cool idea, that the pure form of evil on Earth would be the Big Bad in Buffy's final ever season, (that closing scene of Episode 1 where EVERY former Big Bad cameos in ghost-form is all-time), turned out to be a bit of a fizzer when the showrunners realised Buffy the Vampire Slayer, kinda needs tangible things to slay.

As a formless, ethereal concept, more used to trying to spook Buffy and co. (yeh cool, ghosts are gonna scare people who have been fighting the forces of darkness for 6 years, good idea idiot), the First Evil required additional baddies in order to land actual punches, which is why we got those dull, character-less Bringers, god-damn, motherflippin' Ashanti in an ill-chosen cameo and Nathan Fillion's creepy preacher Caleb.

Snoresville all round really, except for Fillion as Caleb, who is just way too damn handsome to not make an impact on me.

4. The Master



You just have to give it up for the OG Big Bad.

Cliched, dripping in cheesy lines about destiny and revenge, and with the facial features of a scrotum that's recently been used as a soccer ball, season 1's The Master is not, at first glance, the coolest of villains.

But for a TV show that set out to follow traditional tropes on the surface, only to subvert, play with or smash them entirely further down the track, having a classically styled bad guy like The Master for our quick-witted high school heroine to practice her pummelling on, is actually a master stroke (not sorry) of storycrafting.

Also he was the first bad guy to straight up murder Buffy so, you know... kudos for that.

3. Glory






All hail Glorificus, she Who Must Not Be Named, The Beast, and goddess of an untold hell dimension. Finally getting to see Buffy outmatched by a female Big Bad was a breath of fresh air in the fifth season, and Clare Kramer's performance as the seemingly unstoppable fashion queen, became a blueprint for many future villainous pop culture figures.

Switching flawlessly between her rageful, hell-bitch with an unquenchable thirst for human brain juice persona and the superficial, Devil Wears Prada-esque fashionista that constituted Glory, the character was at once a feminist icon and much needed bucket load of fun on screen.

Also, do we think that there was some connection between Glory and Ben????

2. Angelus



Hoo boy, it was tough ultimately deciding between the top two Big Bads and unforch Angelus, the evil af side of the vampire with a soul/boyfie Angel, comes in just shy of the top spot.

With the arrival of Spike and Dru in Sunnydale, early in season two, it looked like we had our Big Bads locked and loaded, until the epic twist of Angel reverting to the darkside gave us a villain whose limitless ability to inflict pain and agony was only magnified by his closeness to our titular hero.

Showing us the fun and playful (albeit sadistically) side of the until now mostly brooding Angel character, Whedon set the scene for some major unexpected heartbreak, point and case Angelus' brutal murder of Giles' paramour Jenny Calender.

Also that dude was just like, constantly horny, which was fun.




1. The Mayor



If there's one Buffy villain you'd most like to be your Dad, it is one hundo percent season three's polite yet terrifying Big Bad, Mayor Richard Wilkins III.

With an obsession for manners as well as the eradication of germs, The Mayor's constantly delightful demeanour was the perfect offset to his unseemly dealings and ultimate plan to turn into a giant snake and eat everyone at graduation alive.

At the end of the day though, the Mayor's biggest impact on the show was his almost pure fatherly guidance of bad girl Slayer Faith, who found solace and respect from ostensibly one of the most evil mofos Buffy ever produced.

So here's to you Mayor Wilkins! Sure you may have murdered a bunch of people and there was that one time you tried to steal a bunch of babies but your tireless civil service over decades, and the fact you ate Principal Snyder, will not be forgotten.


Buffy The Vampire Slayer airs weekdays at 6.30pm on SyFy Australia.