Season 1

  • Episode 1. Woodford Academy

    Woodford Academy, set in the Blue Mountains, offers a dark and often chilling history. With witnesses reporting numerous sightings of inexplicable presences, the Haunting: Australia team take to the Academy with a quest to find out who exactly is haunting the building.

  • Episode 2. Old Geelong Gaol

    Victoria’s Old Geelong Gaol holds the reputation of one of the most miserable houses of incarceration ever opened in Australia. Staying true to its status, the gaol’s aggressive spirits play havoc with the Haunting: Australia team.

  • Episode 3. Aradale Lunatic Asylum

    A building once home to pre-frontal lobotomies and electro-shock therapy, Aradale Asylum delivers misery and paranormal activity in enormous doses. With sprawling buildings each with a tale to tell, the team take on the challenge of communicating with the asylum’s numerous lost souls.

  • Episode 4. Gledswood Homestead

    Its grandeur may be fading but Gledswood Homestead’s history is still embedded in the apparitions that lurk in hallways of the once beautiful country estate. The team’s psychic contingent channel their most vivid visions of the spirit world at this seemingly peaceful property.

  • Episode 5. Adelaide Arcade

    Genteel in appearance and atmosphere by day, Adelaide’s historic Arcade transforms at night to host an unholy cacophony of spiritual activity. The team meticulously explore every nook and cranny in the hope of revealing evidence of the afterlife.

  • Episode 6. Australia Pioneer Villiage

    A collection of 18th century buildings relocated to one site, the Australiana Pioneer Village has also bought together a bounty of phantoms. The Haunting: Australia team spend the night investigating the main street only to leave perplexed and terrified of what they find.

  • Episode 7. North Kapunda Hotel

    South Australia’s North Kapunda Hotel looks innocent enough to the untrained eye but to the Haunting: Australia team it is a building full of dark energy and paranormal activity. In an investigation that sees spirits run wild, the team is faced with one of their own being possessed by a demonic presence.

  • Episode 8. Cockatoo Island

    The Haunting: Australia team take on an investigation of colossal proportions in Sydney’s stunning harbour. Never before investigated, Cockatoo Island presents the team with a taxing investigation that pushes the team to their limits.