Season 1

  • Episode 1. 33

    Galactica is on the run and the crew is put to the test as sleep deprivation mixes with the already gloomy reality of dealing with a Cylon-apocalypse.

  • Episode 2. Water

    A main water reserve ruptures aboard the Galactica and millions of gallons of fresh water are lost. Upon further inspection however, it appears as if the ship was sabotaged, perhaps from a Cylon agent from within.

  • Episode 3. Bastille Day

    Lee Adama goes to the Astral Queen, a prison ship, to try and persuade the prisoners to help pump water onto Galactica. However, while aboard, the prisoners take control of the ship.

  • Episode 4. Act Of Contrition

    A crisis forces Commander Adama, Lee Adama, and Kara Thrace to finally face a ghost from their past - Zak Adama. Their inability to come to grips with Zak’s death has tragic consequences for them all.

  • Episode 6. Litmus

    A suicide bomber detonates himself aboard Galactica but when the insurgent is revealed to be a human- like Cylon, rumor of such a thing becomes hard reality.

  • Episode 7. Six Degrees Of Separation

    Gauis Baltar is accused of treason, by none other than Number Six (posing as someone named Shelly Godfrey). As the Galactica crew investigates the matter, Baltar is left to ponder his fate, and his own place in the world.

  • Episode 8. Flesh And Bone

    Are Cylons man or machine? Kara Thrace discovers her own humanity in the most ironic place after she’s ordered to torture a Cylon who claims he’s put a bomb aboard Galactica.

  • Episode 10. The Hand Of God

    After months of fleeing from the Cylons, Adama decides to take the fight to the enemy. Kara Thrace and Capt. Lee Adama are integral to this fight as they’re forced to draw upon inner resources they never knew they had to become stronger and more capable leaders.