Season 9

  • Episode 1. Avalon: Part 1

    SG-1's newest member, Lt Colonel Cameron Mitchell, arrives on his first day to find that Samantha Carter, Daniel Jackson and Teal'c have all taken on new assignments. With no one available to to lead SG-1, General Hank Landry, the new head of Stargate Command, appoints a stunned Mitchell to the position.

  • Episode 2. Avalon: Part 2

    Trapped along with Teal'c and Vala far beneath England's Glastonbury Tor, Daniel and Mitchell have only seconds to outwit the Ancient snares in which they're caught. Once they succeed, they have to handle only one or two more small details, such as a near-impossible swordfight with an inhuman knight, before they win access to the cave's vast treasure.

  • Episode 3. Origin

    Daniel and Vala have been saved from the fanatical Ori followers, But, because their savior is an Ori Priest and they're still trapped in "borrowed" bodies in a distant galaxy, they're not exactly home free. Instead, the priest transports them to the Ori's holy realm of Celestis, where Daniel begins to uncover the secrets of the mysterious gods.

  • Episode 4. The Ties That Bind

    Finally back at Stargate command and freed from the Jaffa bracelets that linked him with Vala, Daniel eagerly resumes his research. However, moments after Vala's departure, he loses consciousness. Vala, who also became ill during their brief separation, returns at once to the SGC. It would appear that the bond forged between them by the bracelets was not broken upon their removal.

  • Episode 5. The Powers That Be

    Because nothing but time will dissolve the link between them, Daniel And Vala are forced to remain together at Stargate Command. But when Vala learns that P8X-412 is one of 43 planets already visited by a Prior of the Ori, she persuades Mitchell to help the villagers of that primitive world resist this new danger.

  • Episode 6. Beachhead

    When the Ori create a force field around a free Jaffa planet, General Landry orders Carter to use a weapon that she designed against the Ori's forces.

  • Episode 7. Ex Deus Machina

    A System Lord is found hiding on Earth, and he threatens to activate a naquadah bomb hidden somewhere in the United States if the SGC tries to go after him.

  • Episode 8. Babylon

    Offworld, SG-1 is attacked by Jaffa of the Sodan, and Mitchell is wounded in a fight with one of them. Thinking that the Jaffa was killed, the other Jaffa take Mitchell back to their village to be trained for a fight to the death.