Season 4

  • Episode 2. Escape from Zona

    Driven by her dream of a Black Rainbow and flesh eating rain, Warren and Murphy escape Zona with the help of Doctor Teller. Back on the Mainland, Warren and Murphy rescue Addy and Lucy.

  • Episode 3. The Vanishing

    By the time Warren and the others make it to the refugee camp, Red and Sun Mei have mysteriously vanished along with everyone else. Driven by her dream, Warren is compelled to head east.

  • Episode 5. The Unkowns

    Our heroes are captured by an Unseen Force and enslaved in an elaborate underground facility, foced by their mysterious captors to perform a series of bizzare and dangerous tasks.

  • Episode 8. Crisis of Faith

    Warren's inability to stop the mayhem causes a crisis of faith in the whole group. Surrounded by Zombies in an abandoned church, their faith is restored after encountering a mysterious stranger who they think is a grave robber, but who turns out to be something much more.